Puzzle Piece (6 Prong) Cutter

Puzzle Piece (6 Prong) Cutter

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MIPS cutters are printed on a 3D printer using a high quality food safe PLA which is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Colors of MIPS cutters will vary due to availability.

These cutters are NOT dishwasher safe! We recommend washing the cutters by hand in warm soapy water and air dry.
Putting plastic cutters in the dishwasher, near high heat or use on hot dough will melt or otherwise damage your cutter.

MIPS cutters are created with a thin cutting wall reinforced by a secondary support wall to ensure a clean but strong design. MIPS cutters will allow for up to 1/2" thick material. For an amended wall height please contact the shop for assistance.

MIPS cutters are sized by the longest edge of the design and do NOT include the handle.

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