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Happy Hanukkah Stencil - Silkscreen (mesh)

Happy Hanukkah Stencil - Silkscreen (mesh)

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Happy Hanukkah!

Let's celebrate this beautiful holiday and its 8 wonderful nights by creating fun projects, baked goods or cards with the handy stencil.

-Approx. 6" x 6"
-Made from 100% Monofilament Polyester and Heat Transfer Vinyl
-Will fit magnetic stencil holders, ie. The Stencil Genie™ and Stencil Buddy or Stencil Snap Frame
-Wash in soapy warm water. Dry flat. *Not dish washer safe*
-We recommend you keep food and art stencils separate.
-Can be used for all types of mediums: baked goods, paper, home decor, etc.

**Private Message to approve RUSH orders**
Happy Stenciling!
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