Our Story


In a world of Pinterest Parties and Instagram Stories... we want to make your projects what you dream them to be.

Since I was a little girl I have always loved crafts and celebrations. I have come from a long line of artists, crafters and all around, do-it-yourself-ers.  I started crafting and creating at a very young age. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would end up owning my own CRAFT BUSINESS!  I pushed on to attain my degree while always having arts, crafts and writing as my outlet for fun and stress relief during my college years.

I attended Western Michigan University's college for Business Management and when I graduated I planned on working as a manager while continuing my education and striving to attain my Masters Degree in International Business.  Little did I know that God had different plans for me.

A few years after graduation, while still working towards my masters, I met my husband at a Halloween party.  I don't know if I believe in love at first sight but meeting him that first night comes as close to it as I can image it must be.  We laughed of hours and, after that night, talked on the phone everyday until about 3 years later when I got to marry my funny guy in a beautiful ceremony in Hawaii.

Life took us from Michigan to Georgia and back to Michigan again while blessing us with two beautiful children.   As I took care of my babies and family, I also had started working in the medical field managing an allergy department where I enjoyed the company of my patients and co-workers.  Although I loved my work I still had this little voice in my head that would whisper from time to time, "what about your secret dream?"  I tried to ignore that voice for many years because I was scared of what it might lead to. I pushed that voice away until I couldn't ignore it any longer. It is true when they say, "Most people don't start a business, they fall into it." - Christy Wright, Business Boutique.   One Valentine's Day I was making Valentines for my son's class and a good friend of mine said to me, "You know, you are really good at this. You should sell your stuff.  I would buy it!"  I brushed her off thinking it was a silly idea that anyone would buy something I made by hand but, she continued to push me to think about it until one day I finally listened.  It was with her support that I listed my first graduation banner in the spring of 2017. It is a banner that you can still purchase in our shop to this day!  As scared as I was, someone saw that banner and loved it... and with that purchase launched me into the job of my dreams! Thank you Hana and thank you Cindy for being the catalyst that pushed me into my dream job!

There is never a day where I say, "I don't want to do this today."  I love serving my customers at Make It Pop Shoppe.  I love hearing the joy in their stories, their comments and their reviews. I look forward to helping other solve problems and brainstorm new ideas.  Mostly, I am grateful that I get to be a part of this company and continue to bring you fun and innovative products.

Let your imagination run wild and let me help you bring it to life!

I can't wait to serve you,
-Make It Pop Shoppe